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Blog post • Oct 292020

Kentico Xperience 13 is here, leading the future of digital experience platforms

Dominik Pintér
Managing Director at Kentico Xperience & Board Member at Kentico Software

Kentico Xperience 13 has landed. Accelerating effective digital communication for businesses worldwide, the latest version of the award-winning DXP brings a host of features and improvements for marketers and developers, setting them up for the future.

This year, we rebranded our well-known product to Kentico Xperience. The new brand replaced product names Kentico CMS and Kentico EMS and emphasizes the sophisticated digital experience capabilities available on the platform. 

With the product’s rebrand and visual facelift, we also turned our attention to the Kentico Xperience business model—introducing new subscription licensing and technologies. And recently, we have released the latest version of it with great pride because Kentico Software is one of the very first DXP vendors to switch to ASP.NET Core MVC. 

Helping businesses excel at digital transformation 

Our customers look for a single platform on which they can build their digital experiences. They realize that integrating and operating multiple best-of-breed solutions would be overwhelming for their teams. We’ve continued to build on the features our partners and clients need, allowing marketers, developers, and content creators to deliver stunning digital experiences and provide a better and faster user experience to their customers. 

The latest release helps accelerate effective digital communication worldwide

In Kentico Xperience 13, we have focused on delivering a complete technical solution, expanding marketers’ competencies while freeing developers’ hands. In addition to features, we also think of education and easier control:

.NET Core—a future-proof web framework with industry-leading performance 

Kentico Xperience 13 provides the latest technologies for the development of websites and web solutions. By running a live site application on the ASP.NET Core MVC framework, developers can benefit from better load times and website performance with lower footprint, and they can process bigger amounts of data and traffic with fewer resources. It allows developers to build websites and apps on modern technology and brings more freedom when choosing an infrastructure to run a website.

  • Business opportunity -  .NET Core is next generation technology created by Microsoft and developed as an open source project that is widely supported by a community for web development. This technological transformation directly impacts CIOs and CFOs in their strategic decisions. With Xperience, they can now stand assured that they are investing in the technology of the future.
  • Advantage for Developers - Enables developers to progress with the latest programming structures and languages.
    Developers can create custom .NET Standard libraries or ASP.NET Core and ASP.NET Core MVC applications connected with Kentico Xperience. With .NET Core developers can leverage the latest technologies (such as C# 8) and has enhanced support for using containers
  • Impact on customers - Meet and use a large scale of business requirements, not only for web development but also for mobile backend or IoT application development. 

Best-of-breed Marketing Automation enables marketers to execute automated workflows with ease

Streamline communication processes, increase customer engagement, and improve marketing performance—Marketing Automation in Kentico Xperience 13 makes creating and managing automation processes intuitive and easy. It reduces the time needed to execute initiatives. 

  • Business opportunity -  Marketing and sales teams can easily cooperate and execute a broad set of multichannel scenarios with little to no code—all from one place. Marketers can focus on building a customer experience instead of designing complex processes. Built-in analytics and contact information are available with one click. There is nothing easier than turning them into new business opportunities.
  • Advantage for marketers - Automation processes and the creation and saving of templates will simplify everyday work and expand marketers’ competencies. They gain more independence without having to have an expert in the field. Thanks to templates and instructions, they can invest more time in creativity, adding value to services or products.
  • Impact on customers - New features like time-based triggers and out-of-the-box templates such as abandoned shopping cart notifications or birthday messages help you improve and streamline customer communication and reach them at the right time with the appropriate information—to create a stronger relationship with the brand.

Reusable Content saves time by allowing editors to create pages and sections

Kentico Xperience 13 provides a full-fledged feature set to create pages, sections, and various elements by reusing existing content. It saves time by eliminating content duplication and updating content in multiple places. Instead, content can be updated in one place and distributed across a website. 

  • Business opportunity - Do more with less. Marketers can create experiences productively by reusing existing content and also reduce developers' time on the project.
  • Advantage for marketers and content creators - Marketers can easily create page elements, pages, or whole categories and parts of a website by reusing existing content. Canonical links provide the main URL of the original page to handle SEO requirements for not duplicating content.
  • Impact on customers - Faster work with content and smooth operation mean up-to-date information for all customer segments and various industries.

Platform enhancements include new page type features

Search, Dynamic Routing, Page Builder, and more boost productivity and reduce developer resources. Kentico Xperience 13 contains a full-blown feature set for the MVC development model. 

  • Business opportunity - Adding features to accelerate time to market by reducing development resources needed and enhancing capabilities for marketers.
  • Advantage for marketers - The feature set brings out-of-the-box information about visitors’ and customers’ behavior and enables analyzing website performance effortlessly. Marketers can select various objects from the Xperience platform—such as campaigns, newsletters, consents, or custom activities.
  • Advantage for developers - Saves developers time to implement rich text editing in widgets or code the selectors, and enables them to use out-of-the-box widgets or page types. Kentico Pages and Objects can be synchronized with any third-party systems with existing integration to Zapier, Integration Bus or a REST API.
  • Impact on customers - Providing a comprehensive Search on a website is much faster and less demanding.

Integrations with voice assistants Amazon Alexa and Google Home allow users to control the administration interface

Kentico Xperience 13 includes KEVIN, the code name for the Kentico Xperience integration with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. KEVIN enables users to control the Kentico Xperience interface without the need to use a keyboard or mouse. KEVIN makes Kentico Xperience more accessible to those with disabilities or those who prefer to use voice to control the administration interface instead of typing. The voice assistant is fully extensible, allows you to define customers' commands, and speaks in users’ native language.

Kentico Toolkit for third-party platforms speeds up development and empower marketers 

Together with modernizing product itself, we also continued to expand our customer success team to ensure both our partners and clients are successful in implementing those integrations.

The Kentico Toolkit allows users to integrate with CRMs and SiteImprove, and also conduct health and performance auditing. It helps companies onboard new project members and expand DXP competencies in their teams. For more information, visit

Get started with Kentico Xperience 13

There’s no time like the present to reassess your digital experience platform. You need to be ready for the future, and Kentico Xperience 13 is here to help you. Let one of our experts walk you through a demo at a time that suits you or get stuck in and check out the latest features mentioned above with a free trial.