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Blog post • Nov 182019

Every little helps

Nela Urbančok
Communications Officer at Kentico Software

We know we won’t save the world single-handedly. Even seemingly trivial efforts can make a big difference though — for people around us and the environment. What’s more, some of such efforts can be made every day. Will you join us on this journey?

We don’t plant forests 

… we’ve planted a handsome number of alleys with our own hands though. 

For every bug reported in our product, we plant a tree, and then some more. There are over 3,000 of them growing already. Which means... 

  • oxygen for 10,000 people, 
  • cooling power for 10,000 air conditioners,
  • absorption of the amount of CO2 equivalent to a car’s 9,000 rides around the world.

That’s worth grabbing a shovel, isn’t it? 

We started planting trees way before it was cool. And we are not planning to stop anytime soon!  

We can’t go zero-waste

… but we don't live wastefully either — we give used things a second chance.

  • We swap or sell clothes and other things we no longer need. The money we make goes where it’s needed most. 
  • Toys our kids don’t use anymore light up the faces in the Children’s Hospital.
  • Electronic devices that don’t keep up in the IT company serve well for years to come at schools.  

We are no Greenpeace

… yet we are thoughtful towards nature.

  • We separate rubbish and say no to plastic bottles.  
  • We only buy what we can consume. And if there is some pastry left still? Never mind. We dry it up and give it to horses as a treat. 
  • We ride bikes and scooters, and have even built our own bike storage to encourage zero-emission means of transport. 

Would you like to contribute too? 

Excellent! Follow the website of the “Planting the Future” initiative where you can find our story  as well as the upcoming events. We will be happy if you join us and plant your tree with us. We have events planned out for two years ahead already. Don’t miss them on our website. 


By the way, this article served as an inspiration for the script of our new video! Check it out. :) 

Every little helps