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Event • Mar 302021

Past: Kentico Kontent User Group Europe

How to Keep Ahead in the Game When the Rules Keep Changing

What this webinar is about:

The European Kentico Kontent User Group is open to anyone interested in effective content operations, whether you are an existing user of Kentico Kontent or looking to improve your digital communication strategy.

In this group, we’ll explore:

  • Effective content operations for highly skilled global teams and the way you can retain brand consistency across all regions while providing freedom and flexibility to local and regional teams (Tomas Hruby)
  • Getting the latest view of your web-based content and making it accessible for other channels at the same time (Martin Malenovsky)
  • Delivering content right first time and what to do when mistakes happen (Michael Andrews)
  • The right tools and mindset to embrace a changing landscape, transitioning from products to platforms, suites to services, and waterfall to agile (Rick Madigan)


  • Tomas Hruby – Product Manager at Kentico Kontent
  • Michael Andrews – Content Strategy Evangelist at Kentico Kontent
  • Martin Malenovsky – Product Manager at Kentico Kontent
  • Rick Madigan – Digital Marketing Strategist at MMT Digital


  • March 30, 2021, at 2:00 - 3:30 PM GMT