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Blog post • Aug 152019

A technology company with a culture that spans over 15 years

Gabriela Jakabová
Chief Administrative Officer & Board Member at Kentico Software

Technology moves fast. To stay ahead of the curve, companies that live and breathe it must learn to adapt both products and services, and their internal organizations. That’s what we’ve found at Kentico, and to keep pace on an organization front, we have always put culture at the heart of our business.

I have been at Kentico for nine years after accidentally finding an advert on The job description was perfect. I applied, and shortly after I had the opportunity to meet with Petr Palas (CEO) to talk more about the role. From there, I never looked back. Now, I am the Chief Administrative Officer based in Brno, Czech Republic, responsible for global HR management, finance, legal, and office management.

From a start-up to a global company

When I started, Kentico was a small start-up in Brno with big ideas. The atmosphere was great with 45 happy, smiling employees – and that atmosphere hasn’t changed.

Even back then, we knew there was something special about Kentico, so we decided to capture it and shape our culture. We formalized common values and outlined what it meant to be a part of Kentico. We have continued to build upon it ever since. Now it is one of the cornerstones of our hiring strategy. It helps us acquire great talent through the right people with the right fit across the entire company.

It wasn’t long before we doubled our headcount and needed more space. As the company grew, so did our need for the right location. We expanded fast and moved offices several times over the years. With each office move, we built upon what our employees valued most. We created more chill out spaces, more communal coffee and kitchen spaces, and places to concentrate. We even added showers, washing machines, games consoles, and more to accommodate the needs of everyone. Our focus was on creating a comfortable environment, driving a community feel.

As of now, we have 250 employees, and our company culture shines through every facet of our business. We have a playbook that brings everyone together no matter their location. As well as our head office in the Czech Republic, we are now spread across the UK, US, the Netherlands, Australia, and Singapore.

Contributing to the community

It’s not just about office space and headcount at Kentico. It’s more than that. We have expanded our culture to also include caring for the environment. In 2009, we introduced Trees for Bugs. It was our way of giving something back to the community, and to incentivize us to keep improving our products. Twice a year we plant trees for every bug our customers find in a Kentico product. Once flagged, our development team squashes the bug. We love it! It brings everyone together and helps us contribute to the community while making Kentico even better.

Join Kentico!

We’re not slowing down. We’re a company with ambition and drive, and we’re always on the lookout for great talent. I keep mentioning the importance of culture, and that’s because it’s true. Even with 250 employees, we have a family feel, which is rare for a company of our size. We offer a way of work that is flexible and mature, with benefits for everyone.

Sound good?

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