Online Marketing Essentials

After completing this training, you will be able to:

  • Understand
    analytics reports
  • Create campaigns
    and watch conversions
  • Automate
    marketing processes

About the course

This two-day course is intended for marketing and sales professionals who are already familiar with Kentico or have completed the Kentico Content Administrator Essentials course and want to learn the core capabilities and master essential skills with Kentico Enterprise Marketing Solution.


Course attendees should be familiar with basics of content management in Kentico, such as using the Pages application and understanding page templates.

You will learn

After completing this course, students will be able to complete the following tasks:

  • Learn the available web analytics reports
  • Understand how to configure reports to show specific data
  • View page based analytics
  • Create an email campaign
  • Create a conversion
  • Use segmentation
  • Add contacts
  • Add accounts
  • Create contact groups
  • Understand lead scoring
  • Use A/B testing
  • Use MVT testing
  • Use content personalization
  • Design a marketing automation process


or £850 or €1,000

For this price, we can train up to 10 people from your company.
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