Looking Ahead

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This roadmap is intended to outline the scope of the upcoming product release and is continuously updated through milestones corresponding to our development iterations. Ongoing milestones outline the MVP expected to be delivered during the current iteration while planned milestones will be updated as new priorities are agreed upon.

If you have any ideas for improvements, you can suggest us a feature.

Completed Completed          In development In development          Postponed Postponed          Canceled Canceled

Milestone #1

In development from 1.12.2015 to 18.3.2016.

MVC Support in E-commerce

Completed Checkout Process
Completed Shopping as a registered customer
Completed Online payment
Completed "My profile" section
Completed Personal and company details
          Completed Addresses
          Completed Orders
          Completed Change password
Completed Product Variants
Completed Base discounts
          Completed Catalog discounts
          Completed Free shipping offer

MVC Support in Online Marketing

Completed Contact tracking
Completed Activity tracking
Completed Email Marketing
Completed Campaigns
Completed Membership
Completed Marketing Automation
Completed Personalization

MVC Support in Content Management

Completed Extended MVC test coverage
Completed Documentation and guides
Completed Taxonomy
Completed Custom Tables
Completed Administration UI refinements for MVC sites


Completed Kentico.Libraries NuGet Feed

Completed Separating Kentico Presentation Layer

Milestone #2

In development from 19.3.2016 to 29.4.2016.

MVC Support in E-commerce

Completed Product Catalog
Completed Product Variants

MVC Support in Online Marketing

Completed Campaigns
Completed Marketing Automation
Completed Personalization

Completed Effective Development - First Page Load Time

Completed Dancing Goat Guide for MVC

Milestone #3

In development from 30.5.2016 to 22.7.2016.

Campaign Management

Completed Form conversion in campaigns
Completed Campaign Launcher

Contact Management

Postponed 360-degree view of the customer

Content Management

In development Responsive Images Management

Continuous Integration

Completed Adding support for objects excluded in Kentico 9
Completed Support for Custom Modules including module definitions, permissions, custom classes, and more
Completed Adding support for localization strings

Completed Support for SQL Server 2016


Canceled Web API and Dancing Goat sample mobile app


Completed E-commerce: Shopping Cart v2
Canceled Online Marketing: Email Builder

Milestone #4

In development from 23.7.2016 to 30.9.2016.

Campaign Management

Completed Activities as conversions in campaigns
Completed Campaign scheduling
Canceled Campaign channel reporting

Contact Management

In development Centralized view of global contacts

Email Marketing

In development Improved recipient management of email marketing communication

Content Management

In development Responsive Images Management


Completed Open-sourcing AD import toolkit
Completed Universal permissions for localization application
In development Continuous Integration - advanced filters


In development EMS performance and scalability improvements


The information included on the Kentico product roadmap is not a commitment, promise, or legal obligation to deliver any final material, code, or functionality.