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This roadmap is intended to outline the scope of the upcoming product release and is continuously updated through milestones corresponding to our development iterations. Ongoing milestones outline the MVP expected to be delivered during the current iteration while planned milestones will be updated as new priorities are agreed upon.

If you have any ideas for improvements, you can send us a suggestion.

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Release Vision

Kentico 11 provides organizations with a digital experience platform that concentrates on excellent usability and feature simplicity for increased effectivity and productivity of non-technical users, and interoperability with existing technology ecosystems. The release focus is on external marketing and e-commerce scenarios.

Please refer to the roadmap below for more details.

Milestone #1

In planning until November 30th, 2016.
In development from December 1st, 2016 to March 28th, 2017.


Solution owned by Michal Kadak, PO Platform & E-commerce.

 Completed Cart calculation model

There is a strong need for a robust and flexible e-commerce solution tightly integrated with mature and reliable CMS solution. Kentico's build-in E-commerce solution is going to see the following improvements:

If the out-of-box cart calculation capabilities of Kentico 11 are not going to fit required scenarios, Kentico 11 is going to provide an enhanced customization model for greater flexibility.


Solution owned by Michal Kadak, PO Platform & E-commerce.

In development Faceted search

Enhancing Kentico's search capabilities to display a number of search results in each category per applied search filter. 

Completed Enhanced support for HTML 5 input types

Providing support to create form controls utilizing new textmode types such as phone, email, number, datetime, url and others to improve UX when filling out forms on mobile and other non-web platforms.

Online Marketing

Solution owned by David Komarek, PO Content management & Online marketing.

Completed E-mail builder

A new easy-to-use email builder is going to change the way emails are created in Kentico 11. The new email builder is going to feature clean HTML output with inlined CSS styles, support drag & drop widgets, preview mode, images and attachments, macros for contextualization and other features to help non-technical users produce modern and responsive e-mails. 

Completed Campaign channel reporting

Marketers are going to see how various channels have contributed to the campaign conversions and what the contribution of individual messages within a channel is. Individual messages are going to be recognized based on the utm_content parameter.

Completed Marketing insights

Kentico 11 is going to provide new reports including new email marketing, segmentation and campaign reports.

  • Completed Email marketing and Campaign insights
  • Completed Contact touch points 
  • Completed Personas history

Postponed Salesforce CRM Connector - Technology Partnership Program

Kentico 11 is going to help you to integrate your digital marketing and sales efforts by connecting Kentico to Saleforce CRM.

Milestone #2

In planning until February 10th, 2017.
In development from March 29th, 2017 to July 4th, 2017.


Solution owned by Michal Kadak, PO Platform & E-commerce.

In development Multiple coupons per order

Kentico 11 is going to allow multiple coupon codes assigned to a single order.

In development Google Analytics E-commerce tracking

With Google Analytics E-commerce tracking support, business owners can correlate sales data with website usage data like sessions, bounce rate, traffic source/medium, and landing pages to better understand the performance of website landing pages and marketing campaigns.

In development Catalog categories

Kentico 11 is going to provide options to categorize product catalog items into different groups, including brands, collections, categories, and styles.

Online Marketing

Solution owned by David Komarek, PO Content management & Online marketing.

In development E-mail marketing

Building on new visual e-mail builder, Kentico 11 is going to introduce an updated e-mail marketing toolset. Tools included in the new generation of e-mail marketing are:

  • In development Personalization
  • In development A/B testing
  • In development Plain text mode
  • In development The 'View message in browser' support
  • In development CSS inlining
  • In development Viewing e-mail source

Milestone #3

In planning until May 16th, 2017.
In development from July 5th, 2017 to September 25th, 2017.

The information included on the Kentico product roadmap is not a commitment, promise, or legal obligation to deliver any final material, code, or functionality.

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