See your customer in 3D.
Then smile and say “Hi”.

The Kentico Online Marketing solution simplifies sophisticated digital marketing by giving you a cross-channel 360° view of your visitors all in one place. Smart marketing just got single-view simple.

Fully integrated

Forget laborious integrations of disparate tools. Take your clients straight to success with one fully integrated system. A holistic solution for a holistic experience.

Smart marketing - simplified

Deliver the ultimate customer experience across all channels and devices. Kentico’s comprehensive toolset delivers a single view of all your website, email, mobile, and social media marketing activities.

Powerfully profitable

Sophisticated online marketing, without the complications and costs other vendors leave in, means more time and budget to spend on the things that add real value.

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Kentico Online Marketing Solution

Everything you need to optimize your online marketing, unified into an accessible, manageable single system.

No one makes sophisticated, integrated online marketing so single-view simple.

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Content personalization

Serve visitors pertinent content based on demographics and behavior. Or use Personas to ensure cross-channel consistency and relevance (website, mobile site, and emails). Create a truly custom-made experience of your brand by responding in real time to individual visitors with personalized content.

Social media integration

And while you’re getting cozy, why not automatically post content on and get analytics from Facebook and Twitter, all from within the UI. You can even allow visitors to sign in using their social media logins.

Lead scoring and nurturing

Easily identify the most qualified leads based on your own lead scoring rules and use visitor insights in your own drag-and-drop Marketing Automation workflows for sophisticated lead nurturing and boosted sales. You can even set sales alerts based on real-time visitor behavior.

Analytics and reports

Get detailed analytics and reports and easily track and optimize campaigns. Sophisticated A/B testing can help you boost conversions by identifying the optimal page or email for your target audience.

And what’s more? No programming is required. Like we said - simple.

Highly Responsive 24/7 Global Support

Everything we do is backed by our exacting right-first-time standards. And our legendary 24/7 closed-loop support and 7-day bug-fix policy prove it. 

It all adds up to successful websites for your clients and reputation-building projects for you, without the usual headaches and avoidable delays. 

"The Kentico support team are some of the best I've had the pleasure to work with."

Michael Strauss
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