Get More Done with Less Code

Get More Done with Less Code

Kentico provides a unique development model that makes developers more productive without reducing flexibility:

Unlimited Flexibility and Extensibility

Kentico is a highly configurable platform that can be easily modified and extended to fit your needs. The source code is fully customizable, and you can develop your own extensions using Visual Studio. Examples include: 

  • Data providers
  • Event handlers
  • Web parts
  • Controls
  • Form controls
  • Editor plug-ins
  • Search providers
  • Payment gateways
  • Membership providers
  • Integration with your CRM or ERP

Learn how you can extend Kentico 

CMS for Developers

Open API, Detailed Developer Documentation

Open API, Detailed Developer Documentation

Kentico comes with a fully documented API that’s usable in your .NET code. Have a question? You’ve got plenty of resources that will get you the answer, including:

See all available documentation

Full Integration with Visual Studio

Kentico is a standard ASP.NET project, so you can open it and extend it using Visual Studio. It comes with:

  • Intellisense support
  • Toolbox integration
  • File templates
  • Code snippets
You can also start your website in debug mode, allowing your code to be more easily inspected. 


Learn more about Visual Studio integration


Clean ASP.NET Architecture

Clean ASP.NET Architecture

Kentico is built as a three-tier application following best practices for code that’s scalable, maintainable, and secure. It’s a fully-managed application written in C#, and can be deployed in a medium-trust environment. 

Scalable Solution for Websites of Any Size

With web farm support and SQL server replication, Kentico lets you achieve virtually unlimited scalability. The wide variety of caching options allows you to boost your website performance to more than 12,000 requests per second on a single server. 

Learn more about Kentico performance more
Scalable Solution for Websites of Any Size

Highly Responsive 24/7 Global Support

"I cannot thank you enough! Seriously, you have provided support above and beyond anything I have ever seen in the past from any other company. Again thank you so very much, well done on a great product and simply outstanding support."

Darren Wainwright, Web Development Manager,
DesignReligion, United Kingdom

"Your CMS is a great product and we appreciate your prompt response to all of our support questions."

Jeffrey A. Norberg, Project Manager,

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7-Day Bug-fixing Policy

7-Day Bug-fixing Policy

Kentico fixes all bugs within seven business days, allowing you to focus on real development instead of finding bug workarounds.

We also plant a tree for every bug found by our clients. Learn more about our Trees for Bugs initiative.

Active Developer Community and Marketplace

Join the Kentico Developer Network, an active community of developers, and get access to a variety of useful content including:

Developer Community and Marketplace


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"Kentico was a great solution for Lumension because it is highly customizable while still being incredibly easy to use for non-technical web editors."
Jonathan Baer, President,
Wakefly, Inc., USA, Massachusetts