Technology Partners

Technology partners are companies that provide products or services that enhance Kentico functionality and increase its value for the clients.

Technology Partner

Compare for Kentico by BizStream

Compare for Kentico makes Kentico deployments easy. Utilizing Compare for Kentico allows you to compare two different Kentico sites visually at the same time. You will now know if your page template, page type, or pages are in sync between development and production.

Born out of the frustration from multi-environment Kentico deployments, where changes needed to be promoted from development through quality assurance to production, the team at BizStream decided to solve the problem. We ended up developing a tool to make it easier for developers to promote changes across any environment. We feel that the tool is so good that it is worth sharing with every Kentico developer.

Compare is the first idea for the BizStream Toolkit, a planned suite of tools for Kentico developers. These tools will assist with building and maintaining Kentico projects.

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Technology Partner


Creating your Kentico website design doesn’t need to be an expensive, time-consuming task. With Bind’s online theme tuning platform you can do it yourself in just a few clicks, creating that custom, personalized look your website needs, just like if you had a professional design team working for you.

Whether you are an individual, a small business or a medium sized company, Bind Tuning will help you achieve fabulous designs for your Kentico websites.

Start tuning now!

Technology Partner

BluePay Processing LLC.

BluePay is proud to be a Kentico payment processing partner! In the US and Canada with a merchant account from BluePay, you receive the highest levels of service and security from a credit card processing company that knows the payment industry inside and out. We offer cost-effective merchant credit card services that are fast, secure and easy to integrate.

Are you looking to switch credit card processors due to cost and security? We’ll help you get the lowest rates so you can save money while safely accepting all major credit cards, debit cards and ACH payments.

With BluePay, enjoy secure, efficient and streamlined payment processing solutions:

• PCI DSS Compliant Payment Gateway
• Simple Hosted Payment Form
• Secure Tokenization Process
• Recurring Billing
• U.S. and Canadian accounts available

Call us today at 800-684-4621 or click here to find out how our Simple Hosted Payment Form can reduce your costs and PCI scope!

Technology Partner

Bureau of Internet Accessibility - Make sure your website is inclusive to all users

Kentico has partnered with the Bureau of Internet Accessibility (BoIA) to help make the Internet accessible to all users. BoIA will provide a free accessibility scan to the Kentico community.

As an Kentico user, you will be able to view an interactive and comprehensive report for Section 508, the United States’ standards for accessibility and WCAG 2, the international standard for accessibility. This report provides details about the location of any issues found along with suggested remediation. You can continue to receive automated and on-demand scanning by upgrading to their member service.

Getting started is easy. Simply click here and enter your website domain name and contact information.

Technology Partner

Connect & Conquer

With Connect & Conquer (C&C) you are able to synchronize data between different back office systems. Our mission is to make synchronizations easy, fast and effective. This way exchanging data between back office systems will be less expensive allowing you a way to gain a faster ROI.

With the C&C business edition it becomes easy to integrate Kentico with different back office systems. You can use the Kentico REST services or use the Kentico SQL database to exchange data with, for example, Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Just select source and target and start mapping attributes between the systems.

More info on:

Technology Partner

Dyn Email Delivery

Dyn solutions are at the core of Internet performance. Through traffic management, message management and performance assurance, Dyn is connecting people through the Internet and ensuring information gets where it needs to go, faster and more reliably than ever before. Incorporated in 2001, Dyn’s global presence services more than four million enterprise, small business and personal customers. Dyn's Managed DNS platform provides a scalable service that allows you to route global traffic quickly and reliably. Dyn Email Delivery ensures your transactional emails are hitting their intended inboxes rather than getting trapped in SPAM folders, all while offering unmatched insight and analytics and works smoothly with Kentico.

Technology Partner

Enhanced mobile web optimization with Kentico's Premium Device Detection is fully integrated with Mobile Layouts functionality in Kentico version 7 or higher. With over 11000 device combinations and over 100 individual device attributes, including specific device type, physical screen size, OS / Browser versions, it is automatically updated with the very latest devices.

Our Premium Device Data will allow you to tailor and optimize your Kentico website for each individual mobile, tablet, Games Consoles or eReaders visitor, creating a great user experience provides mobile web optimization tools to over 240,000 unique web servers and 500,000,000 device detections each month.

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Technology Partner

Learning Management System – Tugaru

Built on Kentico, Tugaru LMS allows you to easily and quickly deploy a quality learning system to the Kentico platform and is designed to benefit Kentico partners. The custom built learning management modules for ASP.NET allow for a comprehensive range of functionality and deliver an impressive e-learning experience. Tugaru features include Course Management, Training Plan and Archive, Test Creator, Learning Shop and Manager Panel.

Technology Partner

From sales tax to order processing management, the most successful businesses automate their business processes.

JMA Web Technologies, in partnership with Kentico, helps businesses address those needs. JMA's software retrieves real-time shipping estimates, processes payments, calculates sales tax, and automates order processing through QuickBooks.
See available Kentico connectors

Technology Partner


Real-time Microsoft Dynamics integration. Developed from the ground-up Gears MarketPlace combines the power and flexibility of your Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution (NAV and AX) and the design flexibility and usability of the Kentico content management solution. Gears MarketPlace provides a complete 'out-of-the-box' e-business solution that sold as modules can be configured for e-commerce, sales analysis and purchase management.

Fully scalable, Gears MarketPlace can be fully configured to reflect the customised business logic within the client's ERP and can be utilised with different versions of Kentico so that the optimum business solution for the client's needs can be provided.

Technology Partner

iMedia Inc.

Does your organization struggle with managing your social content or company event calendar? iMedia has improved the Facebook integration into Kentico by creating the Kentico Facebook Connector. A solution which provides marketing managers a powerful tool to manage both their social and website content within a central workspace. The Kentico Facebook Connector has four main components which include:

1) Event Management
2) Image Management
3) Content Management
4) Facebook Insights Widget

Utilizing these features will give marketers the opportunity to be efficient and engage with fans in a secure manner. Additionally, the Kentico Facebook Connector will help to increase a company’s reach and audience, while providing useful analytics for future marketing campaigns. To get more information on the Kentico Facebook Connector simply click here.

Technology Partner

mTribe Apps

Organizations are finding that getting custom mobile applications to market is time consuming and expensive. Plus, they’d like to find a way to actually make money with them! mTribe apps transform the professional and consumer communities that use them; enriching interactions, relationships, experiences and transactions. mTribe delivers easy, fast, monetized mobile applications to organizations for free!

Go to mTribe Apps website

Technology Partner

DilogR™ is your interactive video platform for Kentico EMS.

Built and designed for the savvy marketer who demands to know more than just "who clicked on my video?"

At the most basic level, DilogR™ provides video hosting and a killer set of video analytics integrated into your Kentico EMS installation. When these two are combined they create instantly ACTIONABLE marketing data. For example, easily allowing customization of website content and marketing efforts based on an EMS activity like the length of time a video was viewed.

For marketers that want to take their videos to the next level, the DilogR™ Kentico EMS integration allows you to:
1. Generate leads by adding lead capture forms at any point in a video.
2. Qualify leads by adding questions that appear during the video.
3. Customize website content and marketing efforts based on how prospects and leads answer questions during videos.
4. Drive Ecommerce by including call to action buttons during video such as "Buy Now" or "Add to Cart".

Call us today at 800-455-9632 or click here for more information.

Technology Partner

Sage 50 Accounts: Achieving Integrated E-Commerce with Kentico

Effective integration with the back-end accounting and despatch system is fast becoming a must have for successful online stores. Discover IT has developed REAL-TIME integration of a Kentico E-Commerce store with the popular Sage 50 Accounts system. As order volumes grow, this eliminates the time consuming and error prone transcription of orders, or the scheduled periodic export and import of order spread sheets. Now, shopper registrations, specific logged-in shopper pricing, stock positions, customer credit balances, orders, and despatch status are connected in real-time between the online store and the back-end system, which substantially streamlines the online business.

Discover more at:

Technology Partner

Sales tax is hard. AvaTax™ makes it easy.

Sales tax is not core to your business. In fact, it’s tedious and time consuming. You may be doing it wrong, exposing your business to unnecessary audit risks, and not even know it. Successful companies outsource complex, administrative functions – such as payroll and sales tax management – to the experts.

Doing sales tax right is simple with Avalara. We do all of the research and automate the process for you, ensuring that the system is up-to-date with the most recent sales tax and VAT rates and rules in every state and country so you don’t have to. As a cloud-based solution, Avalara AvaTax™ eliminates ongoing maintenance and support. It gives you precise tax calculations in an instant based on validated location, taxability rules and customer exemption status. You’ll have access to detailed reporting needed for remitting, and we’ll even do the filing for you!

With a certified integration to AvaTax, Kentico customers can be up and running quickly.

Join the 10,000+ businesses who use AvaTax … and do sales tax right.

For more information, please visit or call us toll free at 877-780-4848 to get started.

Here’s what our relaxed customers are saying about us.

Learn more on Avalara Kentico Connector

Whitepaper: Automation - A Company’s Best Ally Against Sales Tax Audits
Whitepaper: Stop rolling the dice when it comes to sales and use tax audits

Technology Partner

Scrum Alliance

Want to learn Scrum? Need to expand your Scrum network?

SCRUM ALLIANCE® is the largest, most established and influential professional membership organization in the Agile world. Our members are transforming the world of work, using Scrum to develop software and products and, at the same time, enjoy their jobs more. Now you can learn from the best minds in Scrum and make valuable connections with others who are teaching, coaching, and practicing Scrum.

As a member of the Kentico community, you can get 12 months of Basic Membership FREE. Basic Membership is designed for individuals who are not yet Scrum-certified but want to learn about it.

Get your free Basic Membership now.

Technology Partner

With annual revenues of over $350 million, is a leading provider of enterprise localization services and content solutions. From offices in more than 80 cities on six continents, offers a full range of solutions in 170+ languages to clients worldwide.’s GlobalLink® Product Suite is used by more than 2,000 global organizations, including Hilton Worldwide, IKEA, Polo Ralph Lauren, Skype, and UPS. With seamless integration into Kentico, GlobalLink provides enterprise clients with a powerful solution to streamline the globalization management process, get to market faster and reduce overall translation costs. is part of the TransPerfect family of companies, with global headquarters in New York and regional headquarters in London and Hong Kong.

For more information, please visit

Technology Partner - Spell-check As You Type (SCAYT)

With Spell-check As You Type, Kentico WYSIWYG editor automatically highlights any misspelling in your text.

The free version can be used directly with Kentico - see this KB article and this blog postfor more details.

Save 10% for hosted or licensed version without banners following the link: