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With Kentico Enterprise Marketing Solution (EMS)

Content Personalization & Segmentation Lead Scoring and Engagement Scoring Web Analytics A/B Testing and Multivariate Testing Campaign and Conversion Management Contact Management E-mail Marketing Marketing Automation
  • Content Personalization & Segmentation

    Mass marketing assumes that all site visitors are the same. You know differently, and Kentico EMS offers the tools you need to help your website respond.

    By better understanding your customer base and splitting it into multiple groups that share the same value criteria, you can target each of them more accurately with personalized content, while widening your reach within each classification.

    Identifying and addressing the needs of your visitors will allow you to deliver a better customer experience and increase your ROI.

    Great Visitor Awareness = More Efficient Marketing

    Your website can automatically serve the most relevant content to visitors based on demographics and their behavior such as:

    • location, age, position
    • visited pages
    • campaigns
    • purchased products
    • downloaded documents
    • and many more including custom attributes and activities
    Learn more about Content Personalization, read the quick start guide on Segmentation.
  • Lead Scoring and Engagement Scoring

    Give your sales a boost with Kentico EMS tools for lead scoring and engagement scoring.

    Know more about your visitors and identify those most likely to become customers as ‘qualified leads’ or ‘prospective partners’ etc., helping to focus your efforts on the right customers– making your sales team much more productive.

    The in-depth data collected by Kentico’s Lead scoring and Engagement scoring modules for each visitor, means you can create algorithms that allocate points according to set criteria and particular website behavior.

    Actionable Data = Greater Productivity

    You can identify leads by awarding points to users who:

    • provide a company name
    • have a corporate e-mail
    • provide a phone number
    • come from a particular region
    • visit particular pages
    • download a specified number of particular documents
    • search for a particular keyword
    • and many more including custom attributes and activities
    Learn more about Lead Scoring, download the whitepaper or read the quick start guide.
  • Web Analytics

    The success of your site is in its conversion of visitors to customers. The level of your success therefore lies in increasing the number of the right kind of visitors, understanding the type and behavior of those visitors and responding to their needs.

    To achieve this, strong measurement tools are required, giving you deep insight into your audience and clues as to how to convert them into customers.

    Kentico EMS tracks the following statistics on a yearly, monthly, daily and hourly basis and all data is available in ‘real time’, so there’s no delay in assessing the effectiveness of your campaigns.

    Website Insight = Gate to Optimization Possibilities

    With the Kentico EMS Web Analytics module, you can analyze:

    • Visitors: location, time of visit, browser, and more
    • Traffic: source, referring sites, entered keywords and more
    • Content: views, time on page, top landing & exit pages, keywords searched on-site, invalid pages and more
    • Campaigns: clear overview and easy management
    Learn more about Web Analytics or read the quick start guide.
  • A/B Testing and Multivariate Testing

    Increase conversions by identifying pages that work! Test multiple variants of the same page with different messages, images, buttons and layout.

    For winning landing pages to emerge, you must test them against alternative versions and ask your only unbiased judge, your visitor, to choose a victor.

    The A/B Testing and Multivariate Testing modules in Kentico EMS provide easy tools for performing tests to help you clearly identify content that lead to most conversions. Unlike Google Optimizer and similar external services, Kentico CMS provides marketers with a fully integrated solution that allows them to conduct tests without technical knowledge and see the results instantly.

    Testing, Testing, Testing = Formula of Success

    With Kentico EMS, it’s easy to set up A/B and Multivariate tests, evaluate the results and identify your next course of action.

    • effortless setup - no coding required
    • divides traffic between versions
    • tracks impact on user behavior
    • helps identify winning versions
    • easy to understand & evaluate
    • enables website optimization
    Learn more about A/B and multivariate testing.
  • Campaign and Conversion Management

    It's easy to track number of clicks, but how do you know if your campaigns actually drive business results?

    Replace guesswork with an iterative approach that helps you improve website performance based on your online traffic. The Kentico EMS built-in Campaign Management gives you easily-evaluable results which can be directly compared to costs.

    No more throwing marketing dollars into the dark - You will immediately know which campaigns are profitable and which should be terminated.

    Smart Investment = Greater ROI

    With Kentico EMS Campaign and conversion management, you can focus your marketing efforts and resources.

    • track conversion value
    • relate campaigns to results
    • link campaigns to costs
    • identify sale sources
    • get real ROI figures
    Read the quick start guide on Conversions and Campaign management.
  • Contact Management

    Get a 360o view of your customer and offer them what they want at every turn.

    Kentico EMS comes with a powerful Contact Management module that tracks the activities of both your registered and anonymous visitors, allowing you to visualize real time traffic and behavior and to deliver the most relevant content in the most effective manner.

    Unlike other CMS’s, the included System Integration Bus allows you to easily link this data with your existing CRM systems. So you can use data learned offline to personalize content for customers online – a truly ubiquitous approach to marketing.

    Customer Data = Business Wisdom

    Improve customer experience by knowing your user through:

    • visited pages
    • campaigns and conversions
    • on-line form submissions
    • downloads
    • purchased products
    • search terms both from Google and on-site search
    • newsletter subscriptions
    • forums posts, poll votes and comments
    • and others
    Learn more about Contact Management.
  • E-mail Marketing

    Email marketing is more powerful than ever because it moves the conversation about your business to a more personal environment. It is the most direct line of communication for conversion to sales.

    With the Kentico EMS built-in E-mail Marketing module, you can grow your customer base and nurture leads by building trust during the purchase process. You can also easily keep in touch with existing clients via newsletters. Easy-to-use and fill with your company updates or dynamically-inserted content form your site, newsletters can be the e-bridge from conversation to commerce. Find the perfect working combination of subject, content, templates, etc. through A/B tests sent to small groups ahead of mass mailing.

    Quality Communication = Boosted Customer Base

    With the E-mail Marketing module you can turn the humble e-mail into a conversion hero.

    • dynamic newsletters
    • newsletter A/B testing
    • subscribing and unsubscribing
    • e-mail personalization
    • e-mail campaigns analysis
    • e-mail deliverability and bounced e-mails monitoring
    • mail and click-through tracking
    • and others
    Learn more about E-mail Marketing, download the whitepaper or read the quick start guide.
  • Marketing Automation

    Marketing Automation allows you to easily define and execute automated marketing campaigns to engage new customers, nurture leads and maintain an on-going conversation with your clients..

    Marketing Automation leverages all existing Kentico EMS on-line marketing features, such as Contact Management, E-mail Marketing, Segmentation, Personalization and Lead Scoring, and orchestrates them into a manageable process for the purposes of automated lead nurturing, drip marketing and cultivating relationships with clients and prospects.

    Marketing Automation = Greater Marketing Efficiency

    You can build automated processes around your contacts, automating:

    • email dispatch
    • subscription and newsletter sending
    • account and details modification
    • retrieval of further details from
    • synchronization with your CRM e.g. Salesforce
    • assignment to sales person
    • and much more
    Learn more about Marketing-Automation, download the whitepaper or read the quick start guide.
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