Kentico CMS for ASP.NET

CA01: Content Admin Essentials

After completing this training, you will be able to:

  • Create and edit
    site content
  • Work with
  • Manage users
    and accounts

Target Audience

This course is for non-technical users who have no previous experience with Kentico CMS and need to learn the core capabilities and essential skills needed to manage a website.


Attendees are expected to have basic computer skills that include using Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook and a Web browser like Internet Explorer.

You will learn

After completing this course, students will be able to complete the following tasks:
  • Explain the uses of Kentico CMS in web site management
  • Update and edit page content
  • Use View modes
  • Explain web parts and widgets
  • Manage your Kentico CMS user profile
  • Understand how Dashboards are used
  • Manage URLS
  • Use document properties
  • Update page content using web parts
  • Use the What you See is What you Get (WYSIWYG) editor to format page content
  • Describe the use of page templates in Kentico CMS
  • Create a new page in CMS Desk using a page template
  • Add Twitter integration
  • Explain the use of documents
  • Use the Content management toolbar
  • Update content using Drag & Drop and the context menu
  • Manage orders
  • Learn how to use reporting
  • Explain the Kentico CMS security model
  • Create a user account
  • Manage roles and permissions
  • Use the shopping cart to purchase items
  • Explain the E-commerce administration interface
  • Use pages with content defined by document fields
  • Explain a structured document
  • Create News items
  • Use Blogs
  • Update a Wiki
  • Explain the modules available in Kentico CMS
  • Use on-line form
  • Create and manage polls
  • Create forums and moderate content
  • Manage newsletters and create issues


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