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Discover Kentico CMS 7, the latest generation of the leading .NET solution for building successful websites, on-line stores, communities and intranets and for running efficient marketing campaigns!

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Kentico CMS 7 introduces breakthrough improvements in several areas:

  • Marketing Automation – easily define and execute automated marketing campaigns to engage new customers, nurture leads and maintain an on-going conversation with your clients.
  • Enhanced Mobile Website Support – build websites that automatically accommodate to various mobile devices without redesigning your website, and manage website content on mobile devices.
  • Visual Workflow Designer – define even the most complex document workflow using a drag-and-drop interface.
  • Translation Management – take control of your website localization process and integrate it with third-party services, such as
  • User Experience Improvements – update your website content even more easily with the new On-site Editing interface and with many UX enhancements.

Marketers: Automate Your Campaigns and Increase Customer Engagement

In Kentico EMS 7, we’re adding several improvements that will help you deliver a better customer experience and execute more efficient marketing campaigns:

  • Marketing Automation leverages all existing Kentico EMS on-line marketing features, such as Contact Management, E-mail Marketing, Segmentation, Personalization and Lead Scoring, and orchestrates them into a manageable process for the purposes of automated lead nurturing, drip marketing and maintaining an on-going conversation with clients and prospects. You can build automated processes around contacts with various actions including e-mails, tasks assigned to sales people or synchronization of chosen contacts into your CRM.
  • A/B testing for E-mail Marketing campaigns – test any number of e-mail subjects, senders, templates and copy, and choose the most effective version.
  • Visual Rule Designer – easily define rules for personalization, segmentation and other purposes without any technical knowledge. The Rule Designer removes the need to write macro expressions and brings out-of-the-box rules for most real-life scenarios.
  • Enhanced social media integration:
    • post to Twitter/Facebook
    • integrate with Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn/Google+ components
  • SEO enhancements – get your site ranking higher with these several SEO enhancements.
  • Chat – enhance your website with community, support or sales chat that can be initiated automatically or by operator based on visitor profile.
  • Banner Management - display special offers, featured content or paid-for ads across your site.
  • and - get out-of-the-box integration.
  • Geolocation based on IP address - automatically detect visitor details (country, state, city, metro area, ZIP code) based on IP address using the MaxMind GeoLite database.
  • Database separation - separate your on-line marketing database for higher performance.

Developers: Easily Build Websites for Mobile Devices

Enhanced Support for Mobile Websites

Version 7 makes website development even easier with many enhancements, including:

  • Enhanced Mobile Website Support – build websites that accommodate mobile devices without redesigning your website (not complete in the RC, but will be included in the final version).
  • Team Development – check-out/check-in page templates, stylesheets, transformations and other objects to avoid concurrent editing by several developers.
  • Preview in code editors – preview CSS stylesheets, transformations, page layouts, web part containers and web part layouts as you edit the code.
  • Drag-and-drop Web Part Toolbox – easily add web parts to the page.
  • Complete MVC support – use MVC side-by-side with existing development models (web forms, portal engine).
  • Advanced security settings – enhance security with password complexity, expiration, failed attempts, screen locking, etc.

Content Administrators: Website Management Just Got Easier

Be more productive with many new features and a simplified user experience:

  • New On-site Editing interface – manage your website without going to the CMS Desk. Simply log on, go to the page you want to edit and make the changes using the new, simplified interface which doesn’t require any previous Kentico CMS knowledge.
  • Edit and preview content of mobile websites – author the content for mobile websites and preview it in the screen resolution of the chosen device.
  • Content creation on mobile devices – who says tablets and smart phones are just for consuming? Create content directly from your iPhone, iPad or Android devices with the new on-site editing interface.
  • Visual Workflow Designer – define any document workflows with conditions, branching, loops and timers, all without programing. The new drag-and-drop interface allows you to design workflow processes and update them at any time directly from your browser.
  • Translation Management – manage your website localization process and integrate the CMS with external translation agencies that use tools supporting the XLIFF format. Version 7 comes with an out-of-the-box connector for and you can write your own connectors to any other system.
  • Several E-commerce Solution enhancements – benefit from
  • Accessibility Validator – easily validate that your website is compliant with all major accessibility standards directly from Kentico CMS and get a detailed report on found issues, together with recommendations.
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