Kentico CMS for ASP.NET

Fully Customizable Design, Mobile Support


You are not limited to any predefined website design, navigation or product types. The solution is highly flexible so that it can be used for a wide variety of stores.

Also offering enhanced support for mobile websites you can build an on-line store that automatically accommodates to various mobile devices without the need for a redesign.


Start Selling Instantly

For those who want to start selling quickly, the Kentico E-commerce Solution comes with a ready-to-use on-line store template with easy customization and optimized layout for mobile devices.

Check out the live demo and familiarize yourself with the powerful built-in e-commerce features you can offer to your customers immediately.


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Boost Your Sales Using Powerful On-line Marketing Solution

Optimize Your On-line Store for Search Engines (SEO)

Want to improve your rank with Google? With Kentico’s powerful Search Engine Optimization features, you can create highly optimized websites without even thinking about it. With automatically generated URLs, page titles and other parts of the page, you’ll be SEO-sturdy in no time.

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Fully Customizable Products

E-commerce site - product detail

Choosing the Kentico E-commerce Solution for your on-line store gives you a wide range of product configuration options:

  • special types of products:
    • downloadable products (e-products)
    • bundled products
    • paid membership
    • donations
    • custom types
  • product options
  • featured and related products

The Kentico E-commerce Solution leverages the rich content management functionality of Kentico, which means you can control the whole product content lifecycle:

  • workflow
  • multiple languages
  • item-level permissions
  • ... and more.

Advanced Configuration Options

Kentico allows you to configure nearly every aspect of your website, including:

  • multiple currencies
  • currency exchange tables
  • tax calculation
  • shipping calculation
  • payment options
  • discounts
  • checkout process
  • order processing flow
  • invoice formatting

... and you can even run multiple on-line stores with shared configuration on a single installation of Kentico.

ecommerce configuration

Wide Integration and Customization Possibilities

ecommerce customization

With a very flexible customization model and support for the integration of any external system, such as an ERP or CRM, the Kentico E-commerce Solution gives your on-line store virtually unlimited possibilities.

All existing 3rd party integrations for your store can be downloaded from Kentico Marketplace:

Payment Processing

Kentico allows your customers to perform on-line payments including payments by credit card. The following payment options are available out of the box:

  • PayPal
  • Authorize.NET
  • off-line payments
  • payment using credits (for loyalty programs)

3rd-party payment gateway connectors (PayPal Payflow Pro, eWay, SecurePay, Sage PayeProcessing).


Discounts and Promotions

ecommerce discount

You can use several types of built-in discounts:

  • volume discounts per product
  • discount levels assigned to your customers
  • discount coupons with codes which need to be entered during the checkout process

Moreover, you can create custom providers to get more discount options or to create custom promotion logic (e.g. buy product A, get product B for free).

Order Processing, Powerful Analytics

Kentico E-commerce Solution allows you to keep track of all orders and the history of their processing.

30+ built-in e-commerce reports of your sales, orders, inventory, customers and other crucial statistics will certainly help you analyze, optimize and grow your success.

ecommerce reports

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