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31 websites
4 case studies
6 certified developers
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APTUS Tecnología

Madrid, Spain
1 website
3 certified developers
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There are more than 1,100 Kentico Solution Partners in 90 countries. If you need help choosing the right partner, please feel free to contact us at and we will recommend you a partner with appropriate expertise.

Kentico CMS in Spanish

Kentico CMS is available in Spanish!

Partner Levels

  • Gold Certified Partner

    Gold Certified Partners are the most experienced partners who finished 3 or more Kentico websites and use Kentico on a regular basis.
  • Certified Partner

    Certified Partners are experienced partners who finished one or more Kentico websites.
  • Partner

    Partners are webdesign agencies and web developers who chose Kentico as the solution for their clients' projects.

Please note: the registered partners are not listed in the directory if there's at least one Certified or Gold Certified partner in the chosen country. 

Kentico Solution Partners are sorted by their performance (partner points) in the Kentico Partner Program.