Kentico CMS for ASP.NET

The Kentico MVP Program

Innovative people that participate and contribute their time, ideas and resources are the cornerstone of the worldwide CMS and .NET communities. This spirit has played an important industry role and Kentico wants to help continue to foster this type of community spirit. The Kentico MVP Award is designed to recognize individuals who are part of this community. A Kentico MVP is an engaged community advocate who listens and promotes CMS and.NET.

Current Kentico MVP Awardees

  • Ilesh Mistry
    Ilesh Mistry is a Kentico MVP and Senior Kentico Developer at MMT Digital. Check out his blog here.
  • Bryan Soltis
    Bryan Soltis is a Kentico MVP and the Director of Technology and Research at Bit-wizards. Check out his blog here.
  • Bryan McKeiver
    Brian McKeiver is a Kentico MVP and Partner/Senior Developer at BizStream. Check out his blog here.
  • Jeroen Furst
    Jeroen Fürst is a Kentico MVP and lead software developer for TrueLime. Check out his blog here.

Kentico MVP Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Kentico MVP Award?

The Kentico MVP Award is a one year industry recognition given to individuals based on their community participation and evangelistic activities in the CMS and .NET communities. It recognizes past contributions and future community participation.

What is a Kentico MVP?

Kentico MVPs are passionate about the tools and technologies of Kentico, .NET and CMS communities. They are an emissary for Kentico in both the worldwide and local communities. They are passionate and involved in at least one broad community engagement area like blogs, Twitter, video and online and in-person speaking engagements. They are champions in both the Kentico community and public community forums. They have demonstrated expert knowledge and excel at providing constructive and credible insights into how Kentico can be a better product based on real world experience. Above all else they are good Internet citizens advocating for Kentico, .NET and the worldwide CMS community.

What are the benefits of receiving a Kentico MVP award?

Anyone receiving the Kentico MVP award is entitled to the following base benefits:

  • 1 Web Site Ultimate License (value $4,499) for personal or business use
  • Blog and recognition on the Kentico DevNet web site.
  • Participation at selected industry events at Kentico expense.
  • Exclusive access to all Beta programs.
  • Exclusive access to the Kentico product group.
  • Exclusive special offers that can be passed on to your friends.

What does a Kentico MVP do?

A Kentico MVP is a community emissary for Kentico. They are expected to participate, listen and contribute to the CMS and .NET communities with resources and articles.

Do I get paid?

The Kentico MVP award does not include any direct financial compensation. Any pre-approved expenses incurred on behalf of Kentico will be reimbursed.

What is my time commitment?

We understand that all Kentico MVP’s have a day job and it’s not always possible to be involved in the community 100% of the time. As a Kentico MVP you are recognized because of your participation in the community and expect that you will continue to participate and contribute to the community as a part of your normal activities.

How long is the Kentico MVP Award valid?

A Kentico MVP is awarded for one year. At the end of that year you have the option of resubmitting your nomination for consideration.

I want to be a Kentico MVP. What do I need to do?

The Kentico MVP Award is based on a self-nomination process. Completed nominations forms are reviewed by the Kentico product group.

What is the Kentico MVP Selection Process?

The selections of Kentico MVPs are based solely on completed nomination forms. All nominations are weighted on a number of factors that include:

  • Existing contributions and recognition in Kentico, .NET and CMS communities based on forum postings, blogs, social media activity, speaking engagements and other in person and online events.
  • Passion, drive and knowledge for Kentico, .NET and the CMS community.
  • Willingness to participate in virtual product design sessions with the Kentico product group.
  • Willingness to contribute community code and samples to sources like the Kentico Marketplace.

Kentico MVP Award Application

If you think you have what it takes, apply for consideration using the self-nomination form

Personal Information


Current Activities

Focus Areas

Award Details

My submission for the Kentico MVP Award is based solely on my particpation in the community. I realize that I am not guarenteed to be awarded the Kentico MVP Award based on submitting this nomination form. I understand that the Kentico MVP Award is based on past contributions and an expectation of future contributions to the Kentico, .NET and CMS industry. I understand that this is a voluntary award and may be cancelled at any time either by myself or any agent of Kentico for any reason.

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